Welcome to Glot-O-Matic

GlotPress is a great application for groups of people to translate applications in to multiple languages and Glot-O-Matic makes it even better.

Glot-O-Matic is the home of many plugins for GlotPress as a WordPress plugin, letting you extend your installation:

  • GP Additional Links: Adds a link to your GlotPress page on the WP Admin menu as well as a link back to the admin page for administrators on the GlotPress menu.
  • GP Bulk Download Translations: Download all the translation sets in a project in a single zip file!
  • GP Import Translations from wordpress.org: Import translations from translation.wordpress.org in to your own GlotPress install.
  • GP Last Update: Add a column for administrators in the translation set list which includes the last update time/date for each translation.
  • GP Machine Translate: Use Google Translate’s API to do automated translation, on a single string, an entire set or even an entire project.
  • GP New Window for External Links: Open any link that points to an external site in a new browser window instead of taking over your GP window.
  • GP Project Contributors: Create a formatted table of all the people how contribute to your project with a simple WordPress shortcode.
  • GP Remove Powered By: Don’t like the branding in the footer of GlotPress, hide it!
  • GP Remove Project from BreadCrumbs: Only have a single project?  This will remove the main projects page from the breadcrumbs and let you define where the GlotPress logo links to.
  • GP Single Click Edit: On the translation set edit screen you can double click a row to open the editor box, this plugin adds single clicking as well.
  • GP Use Slug for Downloads: By default GP uses the project name a dash and then the locale as the filename when exporting translation sets, that may mean a lot of renaming of files if that’s not the format you need, this plugin will use whatever you have set the slug to for the filename instead.

Glot-O-Matic also hosts three “classic” apps associated with GlotPress that are no longer actively maintained: